Data solutions to fit your stategic needs

Fast anayltics and visualization of your data

Your data portfolio is supplemented with other dynamic sources


Providing sentiment analysis for healthcare brands and services

Exploring non-descript healthcare data patterns


Providing data analysis to identify more cost-effective opportunities based on overlapping data patterns


Providing sentiment analysis to help promote insurance education and services available to customers


Kanopik's FARMS (Formulize, Analyze, Realize, Methodize, Strategize) method is based on continuous refinement that begins with understanding your data needs. We evaluate your current data and make additional data collection suggestions to attain your business objectives. Once the data is visualized, we refine the analytic methods of evaluating the data to reach your metric goals.




Identify hypothesis for initial experiment


Evaluate the data collected from experiment


Draw conclusions from data analysis


Measure the success of the experiment





Reformulate the strategy for the experiment









Kanopik is an integrated analytics and relational database management platform with highly-advanced, heuristic analysis tools that help businesses discover more meaningful information, using descriptive statistics to detect and measure trends by quickly segregating the data, and inferring nonlinear effects, regressions and relationships from large data sets.

Kanopik establishes collaborative solution partnerships with companies helping them find data insights, as well as improve gathering and analyzing methods, for making better decisions to help reduce costs, reduce time, develop new products and optimize business offerings.

Kanopik’s platform helps businesses get an accurate assessment of their entire data portfolio using a variety of easy to understand analytic and visualization techniques, it goes deeper into businesses data using a direct and abstract correlation with a sophisticated rating system, to identify patterns and trends over time, and to calculate the variance for overlap.

Kanopik’s approach of a uniquely tailored plan for managing and analyzing data is one of continual improvement, where businesses get evaluation from their data, can make strategic business adjustments, then recalculate the metrics, and evaluate again.

Kanopik helps businesses utilize data they already own, identify additional data sources, properly label and collect new data, and parse new data correlations.

About us

Kanopik’s customizable software platform helps maintain control of your data. Kanopik monitors real time data feeds with easy to use visual analytics software. Kanopik’s partnerships with external data sources enhance industry knowledge, track trends, and allow you to compare internal results to external patterns and factors. Kanopik works with your team to continually evaluate and refine your data gathering and metrics goals and reassess data requirements.

Kanopik uses quantitative data to find direct or indirect influences on your business and qualitative data to understand measurable items. When reported together potential correlations between quantitative and qualitative patterns in the data can emerge to provide new insights regarding elements that influences your business.

Kanopik will tailor and implement data analytics for your strategic needs by mining relevant qualitative and quantitative data sources that can provide sentiment analysis or reveal unknown data patterns which can provide insight for making business decisions. We will continue to refine and adjust the data mining parameters to reflect changing needs in strategy.


Mike Lin, Founder

Mike is a technology solutions expert with over 25 years of experience across multiple industries in executive roles as CTO, Sr VP, and Director. He enjoys leading technology teams and working with startups which evolve into industry leaders.


Zan Diener

Zan brings over 20 years of experience as a project manager of large teams for fortune 500 companies and startups. Additional talents include graphic designer, web programmer/developer, data analyst, and timeline maven. She holds the role of president of several small companies and a non-profit.

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